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Incredible Honey

Bees give us so much. Not even mentioning the fact that they pollinate almost 35% of what we consume, the result of their hard work may just be the most valuable thing they have to offer. Honey is an incredible substance. From its immortal properties, to its nutritional superpowers, there’s almost no end to what nature’s gold has to offer. These are our top 5 facts about honey:

  1. It’s extremely healthy

Honey contains a certain kind of enzyme that assists your body in breaking down food. When your body’s digestive system works well, it’s able to gain proper nutrients from the food you eat. When that happens, your immune system gets a boost. When your immune system is working properly, your energy levels increase and your overall health benefits.

  1. Honey has medicinal properties

A few hundred years ago, honey was often the prescribed treatment for an entire host of ailments and diseases. With antibiotic properties, it was used to promote healing wounds and infections. Even today, we use honey to sooth inflammation in cases like diaper rash, burns, ulcers and more.

  1. Honey is immortal

Honey never goes bad. This is, in part, thanks to those antibiotic properties we mentioned earlier. Astonishingly, archeologists found edible, liquid honey in the tomb in King Tutankhamun!

  1. Honey is all you need to survive

Although we would never recommend it, honey holds all of the key components needed to keep you alive. All of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and even water that we need to stay alive can be found in honey. It’s the only food that can claim this amazing characteristic.

  1. Honey is full of energy

Okay, this is this is completely hypothetical situation, the science suggests that two tablespoons of honey would be able to fuel a honey bee enough to fly once around the world. Now that’s one fit bee.

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