The Workers Will Save Us All

The importance of bees

Bees are the most important working community on the planet. More than 30% of what we eat every day arrives on our table thanks to pollinators like bees. Not only are these little workers sustaining our fragile food supply, but they also play a vital role in protecting our planet’s ecosystem.

Crop pollination

Bees pollinate almost 20% of all the flowering plants worldwide and about 400 different kinds of agricultural plants.

Delicious honey

Delicious honey is one of the only foods in the world that includes all of the nutritional ingredients needed to sustain life.

Food security

Bees pollinate more than every third mouthful of everything we eat. Without their contribution, we would have a serious problem.

Their impact on our lives is so profound, that without them, there is no future for us

Unfortunately, this threat is gradually becoming a reality. Bee numbers are rapidly declining. It’s called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and it’s getting worse every year. Instead of finding thriving hives on bee farms and in the wild, farmers, beekeepers and conservationists are discovering abandoned hives with the swarm nowhere in sight.

There are many theories for why this is happening, but the most substantial explanations are pointing toward systemic pesticides and emerging infectious diseases carried by parasites like woodworm.

But it’s not too late! BeePak™ was designed to help minimize many of the modern threats that bees and beekeepers face.

Bees give us so much, let’s give them something back

Through innovative design, and modern materials, BeePak™ is designed to counteract diseases and environmental stresses that cause Colony Collapse Disorder. As leaders in the field BeePak™ is continually working with experts around the world to create the perfect hive for bees to live and thrive in.

We are committed to protecting the bees that will save our world. Join the revolution.