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A new way for
bees to live

No matter what species of bee you keep, the BeePak hive makes for the perfect home.


Lighter than the rest

Weighing just 20kg (30kg lighter than traditional hives), this complete Langstroth hive is super easy to transport.


It’s tough

It has four-times longer lifespan than a normal wooden hive. The BeePak hive can withstand a flash bush fire and, because of its insulation properties, will even protect the bees inside.


It’s easy to clean

The wood free structure can be easily cleaned, disinfected and made disease–free. Meaning that if your colony becomes infected, you’re able to clean the structure and repopulate the hive.


Get more sweet honey

With more frames, the BeePak is one of the most effective honey-producing hives ever designed.


It’s predator-proof

Each segment is connected and latched down with stainless steel latches, making our hives ultra badger resistant.


It’s A bee’s paradise

The BeePak hive is made from materials that insulate and moderate temperature and moisture; keeping your bees warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


It’s affordable

This convenient flat pack design makes BeePak hives more affordable, which means that you can run a productive business on 20 hives or less.


It’s for everyone

The BeePak hives is the perfect hive for both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers alike.

For queen and countryside

Follow our simple instructions and you’ll be able to assemble your own BeePak™ hive in about 5 minutes.

Download instructions